05 Feb

Is it proper to file a Roof claim every time that there is a leak or damage to the roof? Even if there’s only a 10 percent chance that the insurance company will cover a new roof. Depends on who you ask the question.

The reality is that filing an insurance claim is not a fun thing to do, but must be done when necessary, what purpose does it serve to have insurance coverage if you are not going to use it when it is required.

The first step might seem obvious, but not to everyone!
So who do you call first, an insurance adjuster, or a roofing contractor?

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Claims adjusters work for the insurance company. They either work directly for the insurance company, or they may be a freelance adjuster hired by the insurance company to handle specific claims. In either case, they will not have your best interests in mind, as their employer is the insurance company.

And most importantly, they are not ROOFING EXPERTS, That is correct, Not all damage meets the eye, and for that reason is important to get an expert’s opinion, Before reaching out to the insurance company, it may result in your best interest to have a roofing contractor out to assess your property, even two different opinions or more can help you make sure no details are overlooked by the time you call out on your insurance adjuster. Needless to say, insurance adjusters are no roofing experts.

One of the best advantages to calling a roofing contractor first is simple, the biggest benefit is that it will help you establish an ally to help you negotiate if needed and that will have your best interest at hand.

Outstanding Roofing companies can help you with the entire process, even taking care of all the paperwork and any minor or bigger details, taking the stress away from you, and most importantly making sure you are 100% satisfied from start to finish, and even after the job is completed.

Roofing contractors have your best interest at hand. Call a reputable company.
And always get more than one opinion. All Roofs Are Not Made for All Climates

Roofs and roofing material are not one size fits all! The roof on a home in a cold, rainy climate like Seattle or Minnesota will require extremely different materials than a home in a hot, dry climate such as Phoenix or Texas. Your local roofing companies will be able to help you choose the best roof for your property.

If you are thinking about selling your home, you should reach out to professional roofing companies to inspect your roof before putting your home on the market. A bad roof can completely derail the sale, so it is well-advised to make any repairs before going to market.

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Wood shingles were popular till about the early 1900s when it was determined they were too great a fire hazard. Luckily, advances in engineering and construction around this time meant there were asphalt shingles ready to replace them.

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