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You might find yourself asking, why should I inspect my roof if I don’t have any leaks?

Considering this, the condition of the roof is perhaps the most overlooked part of the home, sometimes it’s believed that having a 30-year-old roof can go most of its life span with a couple of inspections throughout.

Don’t just look for storm damage, look for general signs of wear and tear, and storm damage.

Definitely inspect your roof at least once a year, and without a doubt after a major storm.


Your Roofing System VS Extreme Weather?

Snow, Hail, Rain, wind storms, Sun, and much more. Homeowners at times place blind faith on their roof and are neglected completely at times.

To have a much longer life on the roofing system one must not neglect it.

Is this your case?
How often should a roof be inspected?

For starters soon after a major hailstorm or windstorm, is absolutely necessary to make sure the integrity of your roofing system has not been compromised.

All Roofs Are Not Made for All Climates

Roofs and roofing materials are not one size fits all!

The roof on a home in a cold, rainy climate like Seattle or Minnesota will require extremely different materials than a home in a hot, dry climate such as Phoenix or Texas.

Your local roofing companies will be able to help you choose the best roof for your property. But that is not the only time you should take into consideration the health of your roof system, after all, we are talking about the integrity of one of your most valued assets.

It is said by many experts that the best time of the year to perform a roof inspection is in the fall, before the cold of winter sets in, Timing is key to maintaining the good health of your roof system.

To attempt repairs in the freezing cold will not yield the best results, is best to prepare beforehand, so the fall is an excellent time for preparation.

Many reasons for inspection, all related to the concern that there might be something wrong, or to ensure that preventive maintenance can be performed before something happens, but regardless of what the reason might be inspecting a roof is essential for a number of reasons.

What to look for on the inspection?

Exterior Roof Inspection

Severely blistered, curled, or split shingles.

• Loose or missing shingles.
• Loose or exposed nails.
• Improperly seated nails that “popped”.
• Buckling Broken loose shingles at the ridge and hip lines.
• Signs of missing caulk to seal flashing.
• Rusty or corroded metal flashing.
• Damaged or missing flashing.
• Sagging on the ridges.
• Broken seals on shingles.
• Excessive granule loss on shingles.
• Examine chimney for cracks.
• Rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot.
• Review gutters and downspouts.
• Examine fascia board for any damage or rot.
• Survey the condition of siding above the roof.
• Gutters and eaves for proper shingle overhangs.

Missing or damaged chimney cap. (OK, that’s technically not part of your roof, but since you’re looking anyway.)Masses of moss and lichen could signal the roof is decaying underneath. Black algae stains are just cosmetic. Rising Energy Bills

Interior Roof Inspection

• Cracks on roof sheathing.
• Measure and calculate proper attic ventilation.
• Sagging decking (between rafters).
• Outside light coming through.
• Attic intake vents for proper ventilation.
• Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans for proper ventilation.
• Leaks around vents, chimneys, and other holes to the outside.
• Signs of condensation, wet insulation, or mold.

Insurance Roof Inspections vs. Professional Roof Inspectors

Most insurance adjusters can spot obvious roof problems, such as missing or flapping shingles, without climbing on the roof.

Other types of damage, however, are not as visible to the untrained eye, which is why it’s important to get a professional opinion.

If your roof is relatively new (less than three years old), shows no signs of interior leaks, and hasn’t been exposed to major weather events, such as hailstorms, or wind storms since the last time it was inspected, you can probably get by with a visual inspection from the ground up and a quick check for leaks in your attic.

In any other case, however, a comprehensive professional roof inspection should be completed by a roofing professional who knows what to look for.

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Professional Roof Inspection

A roof inspector will be looking for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage caused by windblown debris, organic growth issues, and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or subsequent repairs.

Any of the above points mentioned on our prior list, and many more details can cause present and future issues. ultimately, a roof inspection gets broken into five facets: structure, materials, interiors, workmanship, and warranties.

That’s why it’s important to use local and professional roofing contractors, someone that will be there before, during, and after the storm has passed.

Get 3 Quotes, is this necessary?

Have you been told by your insurance to get 3 quotes, so that they write a check?

Is common, that most insurance companies want to get 3 different quotes?

Not to pick the cheapest but to get you something in the middle that will cut the process short and puts a closure to the process, in a way making it easier for them to have a close on the matter, it is no surprise, that insurance companies are no roofing experts, and they will just like to settle and move on! Having closure getting the repairs done, and moving on is the ideal way for the insurance provider.

Have you been told by your insurance to hold on, they will refer one of the best contractors in the market?

That is also no surprise, in many cases, they prefer their own recommendations for it serves their best interests, but not that of the homeowners, in any case, what would you like to do?

Have you been affected, by any recent related storms, wind, hail, tornadoes, or unfortunate situations like a hurricane, We RMN hope you are great, and that the integrity of your loved ones is safeguarded, if that is the case, now let’s talk about your property, one very important asset, maybe and for someone of the biggest investments of their lives, but let’s make a brief pause here, an important note to keep in mind, Most roofing shingles manufacturers recommend that your inspect the performance of your roof at least once every year, this is to ensure there are no defective materials, also gives a chance to see that craftsmanship performed by the roofing company that placed the roof, making sure there are no issues for poor craftsmanship, is great to do this every year after is replaced to make any guarantees valid!

So back to the subject, if you have been told, to get 3 quotes, or that the insurance will refer someone, maybe they told you there is not enough damage, just patch it up it will hold another 3 years, that’s all great, but the real question is, Is that on your best interest?

Without any intent to undermine the great work, the majority of insurance companies perform for their clients in making sure they are taken care of, here are a couple of things to take into consideration, insurance adjusters, for the most part, are NO roofing experts, even when they want to be an asset to their clients they lack the expertise for the best performance of a great roofing system, and in many cases, they fail at seeing what is not obvious, they might fail to see much more than what meets the eye, on the other hand, a trained roofing expert can give you a very detailed professional roofing assessment that is neutral and has your best interest at hand, plus insurance adjusters work for the insurance company, and at the end of the day, they meet their insurance employer’s expectations, resulting in some cases more often than not denials of obvious claims.

What is the purpose of 3 quotes, is this to ensure that you get the best of the best or to help the insurance look for a middle-range quote to save some dollars and settle the claim, roofing contractors that are not professionals, and that would do anything to win a job might give you a cheaper quote to win the Job over, but is this going to ensure that you are taken care to max capacity, the answer seems obvious, will definitely result in a failed roofing system that will give you trouble, by the time you get to see the problems, that roofing company might be long gone, and there will be no way to get hold of them for the guarantees, a well established professional roofing company can provide, so getting 3 quotes usually works more in favor of the insurance company than it really does for the property owner.

Now taking insurance recommendations for which contractor you should use, is something that is more of a personal choice, if an insurance company wants to recommend someone is all great, but should be left to the homeowner to decide who should they use, there is been cases that recommendations are given for a percentage of the Job, cutting short the cash for the project, so how much cash is shared amongst the insurance company and they’re recommended contractors is unknown, but it could be hindering the roofing project, not allowing homeowners get the best of the best from the current roofing market industry.

The truth of the matter is that building a new roof for one of our most important assets or investments is no small project, is not like buying a pair of tennis shoes and it needs to be decided with a careful overview of things, once a roof system is completed is expected to be great and to last 20 30 or 50 years, so you would not want to start your journey with issues that can start to show a couple of years down the road! Selecting the roofing company should be an outstanding experience.

Ussualy getting to interview a couple of different roofing companies is ideal, more than getting a quote to ensure that the best company is selected to perform such important project, and the focus of pricing and a well-performed project should have a proper balance to make sure that your expectations are met, after all, who wants to get a roof that will cause you trouble only a couple of years in after is been built.

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