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As a leading provider of effective lead generation solutions for roofing contractors, Roofing Masters Network helps businesses access a steady stream of qualified leads. In a highly competitive roofing industry, a robust lead generation strategy is essential for driving sales and revenue.

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Package Program 1: Pay-As-You-Go Program

Our flexible pay-as-you-go program is designed to provide contractors with access to quality leads without upfront commitments or long-term contracts. This program allows for scalability and cost-effectiveness, making it a smart investment for your business.

Package Program 2: Tryout Package at a Discounted Rate

Take advantage of our exclusive tryout package, available at a discounted rate. This opportunity enables contractors to experience the effectiveness of our lead generation services without committing to a long-term contract. This trial period is a limited-time offer, so act fast and test our services now.

Package Program 3: Pay Per Signed Deal Option

Roofing Masters Network also offers a pay-per-signed-deal option, allowing contractors to pay only for leads that convert into signed deals. This model aligns contractor expenses with actual results, optimizing ROI and improving cost-efficiency.

Package Program 4: 25-Lead Package with Special Rate

Maximize your marketing efforts and ROI with our 25-lead package with a special rate. This package provides access to a volume of high-quality leads, enabling contractors to expand their customer base and grow their business.

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Package Programs

25-Lead Package with Special Rate, Pay Per Signed Deal Option, Pay-As-You-Go Program, Tryout Package at a Discounted Rate


How Our Lead Generation Process Works at Roofing Masters Network


Welcome to Roofing Masters Network, where our lead generation service helps connect contractors with potential clients.
Our process is designed to provide you with valuable leads that have a higher chance of conversion.

Lead Generation Strategies

Cold Calling: Targeting areas where homeowners are likely in need of roofing services after a major storm.
Filtering Process: Carefully filtering leads to ensure the best match for contractors
Utilizing our lead generation services can provide roofing contractors with a steady stream of qualified leads, increasing sales and revenue. It saves time and money by helping you focus on landing the most qualified leads. Our services can help you expand your customer base and stay ahead of the competition.

With our network, contractors can gain a competitive advantage in target areas affected by major weather events. Our platform helps to connect contractors with homeowners in need of immediate assistance, creating more leads for businesses and increasing peace of mind for homeowners.

Appointment Scheduling

Pre-scheduled Availability: Creating a convenient availability list with our clients.
Next-Day Appointments: Offering convenient time slots for appointments on the following day.
Confirmation: Confirming appointments a day in advance to ensure readiness.

Closing and Follow-up

Positive Endings: Ending each call on a positive note, leaving room for potential cancellations or rescheduling.
Notification: Notifying clients of cancellations to manage call-back opportunities.

Lead Replacement Policy

No-show or Unresponsive: Replacing leads if they fail to show up or are unresponsive to rescheduling attempts.
Cancellations or Denials: Providing replacements if leads cancel or deny services.

Lead Non-Replacement Policy

Failure to Communicate: No lead replacement if a representative fails to communicate inability to attend an appointment in advance.
Personal Contacting of Leads: Advising caution when personally contacting leads outside our system to maintain replacement eligibility.


With our specialized lead generation programs tailored for the roofing industry, Roofing Masters Network can help contractors succeed. Take advantage of our offers, improve your sales, and expand your customer base. Sign up for a free consultation or contact our team today to get started.

We’re committed to delivering valuable leads and helping contractors grow their businesses. Our lead generation process maximizes conversion potential while providing a seamless experience for clients and potential customers. Take advantage of our specialized programs to boost your lead generation and expand your customer base. Sign up for a free consultation or contact us today to get started.

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